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Logical Web Co.

Logical solutions for the web.


Logical Web Co. is a website design and web application development company focusing on providing high quality and functional solutions to companies of all sizes.

Our team can custom design a solution based on each individual client’s needs and budget with several available options. Our experienced experts guide our clients through the ever-changing list of technologies that can be hard to keep up with to come up with the solution that is the right fit.


Programmers before programming was cool… or easy.

With over 30 years combined experience, Logical has the experience, knowledge and skill to tackle any and all programming challenges. The syntax may change over the years, but the core logic of how to program will always stay the same. New languages and frameworks are introduced at unprecedented frequency nowadays and it takes a solid foundation of programming principles and techniques to be able to keep up with them. New frameworks are meant to speed up application development, they shouldn’t be used to learn how to program. We learned how to program before the Internet with languages like COBOL and Fortran and C (that’s right C, before C++ or C#), back when there weren’t any libraries of functions and you had to write everything by hand (see, I didn’t forget my period at the end of my line COBOL fans!).


The missing link between design and function.

In the mind of a programmer, the specific requirement might be considered complete if there’s a button on the screen that executes the function. But unless you consider where the button fits on the screen in relation to everything else the application does, the user may never understand what it’s there to do, never clicking it, therefore rendering the function the programmer created useless. That’s why at Logical, we approach application development from both sides of the screen. We take one approach from the user’s side to make sure that given that the buttons do what their supposed to, do they fit together, is the data presented in an intuitive way? The other approach is from the perspective of the data making sure it’s stored, organized and accessed in ways that make it secure, accurate and adaptable.


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