Online Ordering for Sandwich Shops

Easy for your customers to use.
Accurate and powerful to help you manage your business.




Easier Mobile Ordering for Your Customers

We made it easy for your customers to navigate your menu and place an order from any device.


Automatic Lead Time Adjustment

Lead times for orders are estimated and adjusted based on time of day, order quantity and store volume. Customers see how long it will take to get their order BEFORE ordering.


Reduce Phone Calls

Your entire updated menu is always available so customers won’t need to call to ask you any more questions.


One Menu, Multiple Locations

Manage a single menu that all locations can offer at their own prices. Keep the menu consistent and control what locations can and cannot offer.


Logical Order is an online ordering application built for and used by short order, sandwich restaurants. Ten years in the making, it turns even the most complex menu into an easy ordering experience for the user and a smooth operation for the restaurant owner.

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Mobile Ordering

Customers can order from their mobile devices just as easily as they can from their laptops. Logical Order comes with an iOS app, Android app and a mobile web site.

Instant Reporting

Instantly see order activity across custom date ranges including item summaries and hour-by-hour order totals.

One Menu, Multiple Locations

Manage a single menu that all locations can offer at their own prices. Keep the menu consistent and control what locations can and cannot offer.

No POS Required

All orders can be paid for, processed and managed through our control panel, no Point of Sale system is necessary.

Features That Make Ordering Easier

Comprehensive Online menu
The entire menu is displayed including items with multiple sizes, options and prices. Items are customizable and ordered exactly as they are in the restaurant.


Daily Specials
Daily specials and promotions can be displayed prominently on the home page. Quickly edit them from anywhere through the control panel. Ideal for daily soup flavors or special deals.

Catering items are separated from the main menu for easier ordering. Customers ordering catering items are offered extras such as setups, napkins, etc.

Store Locator
The store locator allows customers to search for the nearest location, search by state or by region. Suggestions are also provided as an address is typed in.


Automated Lead Time Adjustment Based on Volume
Customers see how long it will take to get their order while building an order. The lead time calculation factors in how long it takes to make each item, if an item requires a minimum amount of notice, if the order is for pick up or delivery, and if it’s during a busy time such as a lunch rush. As items are added or removed, the lead time is instantly updated. Customers will know right away how fast they can get their order before they even checkout. Logical Order has built in logic that can adjust the order lead time for each order based on what is being ordered and how many orders are coming in.

Get the Order ASAP or Later
Customers can place orders for immediate pick up or delivery or schedule them for a future date within store hours. Customers are also alerted if the order won’t be able to be fulfilled within the current day as they are ordering.

Accept Orders 24/7
Stores can accept orders all the time or only while you are open. Orders are still only scheduled to be picked up or delivered during open hours, but can be accepted all the time.

Single Screen Checkout
Customers can checkout from a single screen instead of stepping through screen after screen.


Multiple Payment Methods
Accept multiple methods of payment such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, customer account, check, in-store, gift card and more.

Customer Registration
Customers can register to save their information for quicker ordering, view previous orders and save favorite items.

Delivery Zone
Only accept delivery orders for addresses that are validated within a delivery zone. The delivery zone can be a simple radius from the location or a street-by-street map.


Pick Up Only Items
It can be hard to deliver fountain drinks in wax cups. Specify items for pick up only to prevent substitutions for items that you prefer not to deliver.

Item Availability
Manage item price and availability in real-time. Items availability is verified at checkout. While customers are ordering, if you happen to run out of something, customers are notified at checkout that an item is no longer available.

Customer Comments
Receive customer comments and feedback immediately through a secure online form.

Keep In Touch With Customers

Email Customers
Send email promotions, coupons, offers and messages to customers who join the mailing list or place online orders.

Email Receipts
Customers are sent an email receipt automatically after placing an order.

Store hours and Alerts
Display store hours and alerts on the site such as “We’re closed on Monday for the holiday” or “No delivery today”.

Easily Manage and Grow Your Business

Control Panel
Mange all your prices, specials, hours and various settings through a mobile friendly control panel.


Order Management
View pending and closed orders, see when they are due, when they were placed as well as order details. Cancel orders, issue full or partial refunds, or add a delivery tip.

Upsell Items
Upsell big profit driving items like drinks and extras as a part of a “Combo Meal” as items are ordered to drive up sales.

Complex Sales Tax
Offer taxable and non-taxable items (like in California) at your own tax rate.

Manage Multiple Franchise Units

One Menu, Multiple Locations
Manage a single menu that all locations can offer at their own prices. Keep the menu consistent and control what locations can and cannot offer.

Instantly see activity reports for all locations across custom date ranges, by month, by day, and by the hour. Monitor daily sales to identify busy times and response from promotions.

Location User Accounts
Manage location user logins that have access to item prices and availability, daily specials, promotions and coupons.

Franchise Wide Promotion
Display common ads for all locations simultaneously.

The Logical Order Difference

Functionality – Intelligent Application for Easy Ordering
Logical Order is very intelligent, much more so than most online ordering systems for restaurants. It contains advanced functionality that simplifies an ordering process that is much more complex than most ecommerce applications online today. Restaurants sell custom made items with many options, special rules and prices. Logical Order has complex item setup with the ability to control options, size and prices for each. Restaurants also “ship” their orders through their own delivery process.  Logical Order validates delivery addresses within a zone and calculates enough time for the delivery based on what is being made, what time of day it is and the restaurant’s ability to process the order.

Focus – Built For and Used by Restaurants 
Logical Order was built specifically for use in short-order sandwich restaurants and has been in production since 2005. It has grown and evolved based on the very detailed and specific needs that only restaurants have.

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