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Functional. Reliable.


Logical has more than 30 years combined experience building fast, reliable, complex applications in a wide range of industries using various platforms and technologies.

Logical builds applications that are fast, reliable, scalable, and most importantly adaptable. The interesting thing about software is that once it solves the problem is was designed for, it reveals new problems that never existed. Experience can prepare you for what might come up, but it takes real talent to quickly adapt an application to the changing needs of its users. Logical sees an application’s initial requirements as the start down a path instead of the boundary to stay within.


Cloud hosted. Ready to scale.

No longer do you have to buy a server, then a backup server, then a database server, then a static IP address, then a redundant internet connection, then a second office across the country with the same exact setup, then a monitoring service, the an engineer to upgrade all your servers, etc. The cloud has done that for you. We can quickly setup affordable application and database servers for you that are mirrored across the country, backed up, monitored, and maintained using the cloud. You can start them off small, scale for peak times like holidays, weekends, events, then scale right back down for normal traffic.


An interface for the user.

We design applications with the user in mind first. Our interfaces are designed to be self-teaching, essentially eliminating the need for training. Too often an application’s user interface is neglected with an attitude that as long as the application does what it’s supposed to, the user can be trained to use it. Our philosophy is that the flow of how an application is used should come naturally to the user. After all, it’s the user’s problem the software is trying to solve. The application should solve the problem in a way that the user expects or can easily figure out.


What’s under the hood.

Here are just some of the technologies we develop with:

  • NodeJS/Backbone/MySQL
  • Django/Python


Need maintenance on an existing app? Sure, we do that.

At Logical, we’ve taken over maintenance of several different types of applications written in many different languages including PHP, ASP, .Net, Python, and even Coldfusion. If you have an application that is no longer maintained by the original developers, let us take a look to see if we can help.

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